Monday, December 1, 2008

Bobby Brown vs. Donna Kaczander

Sometimes celebrities can be more cooperative than friends. Take Bobby Brown for instance. I'm doing my shuffle around Trader Joe's a few moments ago, and I see a man - a man that looks just like Bobby Brown. I read the back of his shirt, and sure enough, it's a concert t-shirt and it says "Bobby Brown." Hey, if he wants to wear a shirt with his name on it to attract attention...that's his prerogative. Couldn't help it.

So, I'm talking to Guy on the phone, just being obnoxious about it. "Crack"ing Bobby Brown puns left and right. I decide to get right behind him in line. I ask him, "Can I videotape you for a second?" "Sure," he says.

Such an awkward video, I'm so crazed, starstruck, and giggly. Not a touch of makeup on. I panic and start recording as he enters his pin...WTF? He must have been like, "What is this crazy bitch doing? Stealing my money?"

So yeah, that's Bobby. Very cool and chill. Then, there's Donna, who falls into my top five favorite friends of all time, who I got to hang out with this weekend. This is how she reacts when I ask for some footage.

Oh well, I love her just the same. She's a tender roni. She was my favorite person of the day yesterday. Today, it's Bobby Brown.

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