Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Some Random Things

Remember when Von Dutch was really cool and popular? We all wanted to look like Ashton, and were willing to pay for it.

I was just walking down the street and saw a middle-aged, average-looking guy in a Von Dutch shirt, and know, he probably got that at CVS or WalMart. I wouldn't be surprised if my dad has a Von Dutch shirt - and my Dad is not one for brand names. He's happy with a nice pair of Wranglers and a fleece zip-up from Sam's Club. Gotta love him!

Next, what the F*$K do you mean you won't accept a passport as a form of ID to get a drink at a bar? The damn thing gets me in and out of the country. I'm just saying. Get over yourself, and think for a second.

Finally, I broke the 125 pound mark. I'll be back up to 127 tomorrow, but still.

PS. Favorite Person of the Day= Last Night, Keith at Metro Station - hooked up the V.I.P. Woot, Woot!

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