Friday, December 26, 2008

Party in the Back

I saw this while I was picking up some cereal at TJ's today. Thought I'd share...

Really, what is the point of a rat tail? Is it to prove that you were once a bad ass? Is it the middle ground you and your wife reached when she said it was time to grow up and cut your damn hair? To each his own, I guess.

So, I haven't mentioned my favorite people in a while. Christmas is over so I finally have a chance to breathe a little.

I have to say my favorite person over the past few days has been my officemate Jorge. On my most stressful day, the bus was running late. That day I had to put together the office gifts, sing at Macy's, sing at the company holiday party, and go see LMFAO at the Roxy. I had a ton of stuff to carry. When I called 1-800-COMMUTE, they informed me that the bus had broken down. I had no choice but to call Jorge, and he came to the rescue without hesitation.

Not only did he go out of his way to pick me up - he gave the high school student stuck at the bus stop with me a ride as well. It was really sweet. I can always count on Jorge.

He has the cutest son you've ever seen (Mattias). Mattias came into work the other day, and my heart just melted. He got the biggest kick out of this little stuffed chicken that wears bunny ears and sings the Chicken Dance song. It was great.

Favorite Person of the Day Runner-Ups include:
Perry - Thanks for driving my ass home all the time without complaints.

Autumn - For adding some much needed female friendship to my holidays. Oh, and for the funniest quote I've heard in a while: "Why comb when you can sleep and go?"

Mark- For his true friendship and hooking up the much needed holiday gigs - and keeping me singing while I've been here in Los Angeles.

The Premiere Choir - Because we rocked the Holiday Party

The Kindharts - For just being the helpful, hardworking, loveable folks they are.

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