Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ped Egg

They play this commercial all the time on the bus. The damn company is brilliant, but it's still fucking disgusting. A cheese grater for your feet? The whole family can use it?

My dad kept his "foot filer" by the remote controls when I lived at home. LOL! So he could scrap off dead skin in while watching TV. All I can think of is an assortment of various family members' dead skin piled up in a Ped Egg - I want to vomit.

However, it's a great idea and their marketing is genius. I mean, people that use the metro walk a lot. I may just buy the Ped Egg this Christmas for my dad.

It's a luxury cosmetic tool for the hard-working middle and lower classes. It's still nasty. That demo of the orange...f-ing ewww.

Alright, enough venting, I'm going back to watching Snow on ABC Family now.

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