Friday, December 5, 2008

The Quiroz Family

I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with the Quiroz family last night, before Jen and I left for Oasis. Here's a little taste of what it was like:

What a fun and loving family! The whole experience made me miss my mom, dad, and sis soooo much. I wish I was home so I could help them decorate the first tree in their new house. Waa-waa-waaaaaaah, so Debbie Downer...

Anyway, the Oasis concert was great. Their songs are so dream-like. It was cool because I'm usually closer to the stage at concerts, and being in a suite was neat. (I rhymed.) I got to observe the audience. The overall scan of the crowd was calm and kind of dead, but when I really start to dive in and focus on people, I saw that people were in the moment. It was a really romantic, nostaglic show.

I have to thank Mrs. Quiroz for the awesome tickets, and the whole Quiroz family for just being cool peeps. It was nice to have that "home" experience. They are my favorite people of the day! :)

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