Sunday, December 7, 2008

YouTube's Collaborative Orchestra

I was uploading my Chris Brown video from last night and saw this! What a cool idea!

Anyways, last night we went to the KIIS Jingle Ball concert, (or as Guy says "Jingle Balls") which was mixture of artists including: Katy Perry, The Pussycat Dolls, Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, Akon and others. (Those were the acts we saw.) I think we missed Estelle, Menudo, David Banner, and some pre-show acts.

Mrs. Quiroz hooked up the VIP, so we were "Jingle Ball-ing" (JQ made that one up). We had a blast. It was exhausting though. We took the train from LA to Anaheim, and WOW, was that a journey.

I'll be putting together some video of that over the next couple of days. So crazy fun!

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