Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Baby! Marcus Has Arrived!

Look at this little prince! My cousin Emily had Marcus yesterday, and took this picture this morning. So precious. Just think about it...waking up to a whole world - so much to do!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amazing News

Got great news the other day! Dad's chemo is working! At his last appointment, the doctor said the cancer cells are dead in the lungs and liver, and the tumor in the pancreas has shrunk to half its original size. We are so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers and hope you'll keep them coming. God Bless! XOXO.

Since your vibes are so great, please extend some to a little boy named Connor (my co-worker's boyfriend's son). He's going through a delicate surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his stomach on Friday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

"I get these ideas (like a shirt that says 'loser' or 'talk to the hand')" - Jack Black (Orange County)

If you know me, you know that I always come up with ridiculous ideas that might be popular and fun, but are usually pretty silly. I never actually do anything about them, and eventually someone else comes up with it and makes money off of it.

When I moved to LA in 2003, I was working as a temp, and a co-worker and I came up with the idea for a show. It would be like The Office (only the British version was out then), except a real reality show. Temps would go through a series of tests, obstacles, interviews, etc - competing for a good paying job at a television studio. We wrote a treatment and everything, and sent it to the Writer Guild for copyright. Wouldn't you know it, The Apprentice came out a couple months later. You're fired!

I gave BiddingBride.com an honest effort, and still have that site up and running - I just don't do anything to promote it (I really should).

Then there are silly ideas, like my Spice Girl pool find. When we lived in Encino, we had a pool, and had parties all the time. We also lived right near the 99 Cent store. We needed a pool game to play, and I had my heart set on buying 5 sets of Spice Girl action figures. I wanted to throw them all in the pool, and five people would have to dive to the bottom and find one of each. The first person with a complete set of Spice Girls wins. I'm sorry, but I still want to play that game. Guy talked me out of it. Bastard :)

He has agreed to my "We Are The World" Recording Party though, so I'm pumped about that. Every person has to pick a part out of a hat. Throughout the party, people have to go into the studio and sing their part over a karaoke track. A few days later, all participants receive an MP3 of our wonderful rendition of We Are The World. Now, that's a keepsake to cherish forever.

Most recently, I've been coming up with ideas for the Electro craze. How about Electrapella?
Yup, acapella electro. Suddenly choirs are cool, right? Um...riiiiight?! A nice electrapella number would be great for that show GLEE.

The one I came up with yesterday is pretty hilarious: Elektrobicz (the K should be backwards or something). It's an exercise dance class held in the dark with awesome lighting (yeah, lasers and glowsticks and shiz) - a DJ spins and there's some raver leader of the class teaching us sweet moves. A good way to catch up on your music and exercise. Someone get Dim Mak on the phone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What Has This Blog Become...

Just a bunch of pics of you with celebrities? Perhaps.

Snagged a pic with Miranda Lambert after her Ryman show. Hope I didn't annoy her. She'd kick my ass.

Here's Guy being a good husband and representing me with a "C." Jason probably thought it was for "Castro" - HAHAHAHA!

I'm currently in Florida, visiting my family. My father, who has been going through chemo treatments, looks fantastic and has kept busy on the motorcycle, doing lawn work, and golfing - while mom and I slave away in the home office. It's been a great trip, and we have some fun things planned for the weekend - including a 50s/60s revue that is right up my alley.

Then, I'm headed back to Nashville. Guy and I will be attending the Next Big Nashville conference. We are covering it for YTC, and it should be an amazing experience - lots of great bands, networking mixers, and panels.

Later this month, we'll be going to Nebraska for a weekend to hang out with the Heidemanns and celebrate Guy's birthday. We're hoping to catch a Huskers game! Go Big Red!

And then, of course, Halloween is around the corner. Can't wait to see what Nashville's got in the Haunted House category.