Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nashville Auditions on American Idol Tonight

I can't handle it. Tonight is the Nashville auditions on American Idol. My little sister, Irene, tried out and was on for like two seconds during the promo for the new season. God, please let there be more. So cute!

Check out the song she recorded while you wait for the show to air!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking the "Dull" Out of "Idol" (I-dull, Get It?)

Not even ten minutes into the season and my sister's on American Idol! Hopefully, there will be more when the Nashville auditions air. She was also mentioned during Randy's interview on Ryan's daily radio show. She's so cool!
I have to say, so far the new season is pretty entertaining. I like the contrast of the judges. The chick that loved Britney and sang the show tune was the highlight of last night's show (besides Irene's two seconds, of course). I hope to see more of her too. She honestly would be great on Broadway. It may read as too intense on the screen, but on a stage she'll be perfect.