Monday, December 8, 2008

Rick, Rick - He's Our Man!

Lynn got a call from our co-worker Rick today - "Hi Lynn, I'm Mr. Blue Magoo today." (Even when he's down, he's witty.)

Well, I don't like that. Steve doesn't like that - in fact, none of us at Premiere like it. How can a man with such pizazz and spunk be sad? He's a man that cheers everyone up when they are feeling down. It's not fair.

We all have our days, and we have to go through the sad times to appreciate the good times. So dearest Rick, it's okay be bummed - but know that we love you and hope that you'll be smiling again soon.

In the name of jam bands and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen boomboxes, I now pronounce Rick - my favorite person of the day! Cheer up, pup!

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