Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead

It's Friday, and I have a big weekend ahead of me. I'm getting some photos done for acting purposes. I'm really excited about it. I was able to find a makeup artist and photographer to work on trade - so that's excellent.

In exchange for my shots, I'm getting some taken in my wedding dress for the photographer to use in her portfolio. Sean is going to be my faux husband. I wish Guy was here because I'd like to get some decent pics with him. Our wedding photographer was super cheesy.

This one isn't so bad, but you get the point. It's so generic. There's nothing artistic about them.
Then tomorrow night is JQ's birthday party at One Sunset. Sunday night is the Backstreet Boys concert!

Next week, we get out of work at 1:00 on Wednesday, and then have the rest of the week off. Thanksgiving Baby. The fun spot is Reid and Cindy's this year.

Today, I went to the most beautiful funeral service I have ever been too. It was for a co-worker - Andrew Ashwood. He was the President of Fox Sports Radio. I didn't know him very well, but I hung out with him and his wife a couple times. They were really fun to be around.

The displays in the church lobby were beautiful -all of Andrew's passes for sports events, his favorite jerseys, and tons of pictures.

The service today was truly a celebration of life. Andrew's friends from all different parts of his life came up and shared memories. The marketing team put together some touching video tributes. Andrew was a fun-loving person, who respected others, believed in himself, emanated positive vibes, kept his goals high and never gave up on them.

His catch phrase "Dare to be Great" was mentioned a lot during the service, and the whole church ended the memorial with a standing ovation and a big "Yeah Babe" (another one of his sayings) in unison.

Again, I wasn't close with Andrew, but I do remember how he'd put a smile on my face whenever he'd walk into the lobby and greet me. I was a receptionist - bored out of my mind, and pissed about my job, but he'd cheer me up. He made me feel like we were on the same level, just by his energy and persona. He didn't act superior...he made me feel included and important.

So today, my Favorite Person of the Day goes to Andrew. He will be missed. Heaven is lucky to have him.

Here's a link to a tribute Fox Sports did on Andrew:

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