Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get Your Props On! Favorite Person of the Day!

To add a little spice to my blog, I decided to do "Favorite Person of the Day." Each day, I will feature a person that really tickled my fancy as of late, and deserves major props. This way, I'll never have an excuse not to post everyday.

So, here we go. Although you may think my first FPOTD should go to my husband (he's my favorite all the time), my parents, or perhaps JQ (who was born on this blessed day)'s not. It's going to Bryan Duckworth.

Yup, don't know him super well, but we chatted a bit last night. I got to know his style and personality a little more. I have to say - he's legit. Smart, good heart, loves to have fun, and generally a nice today-Duckworth wins it.

Why I love B.D: Among many other qualities and talents: His last name. He mixes vodka with antioxidant-infused blueberry pomegranate juice. He doesn't know who Vince Neil is. He has a great arguement regarding Kurt Cobain's "suicide."

1 comment:

shaggy duck said...

I am very appreciative of receiving the honor of being your very first person of the day! Thank you Chrystal!