Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Guac and Chips!

I got home from the faux wedding shoot yesterday and apparently I missed nine calls - all from Alissa. Obviously, something was up.

When I finally got in touch with her, she asked "Will you do me a favor? Will you meet Nick Carter for me?"

I think I could possibly be up for that! LOL! What a riot! She hooked up soundcheck and meet and greet passes, PLUS two tickets to the show. Sam and I were going to meet at the venue around 8:00 to beg for tickets, but now we had to be there by 4:00!

I called Sam and she was out with some friends, and had to ditch them to get home and get ready. There was a lot of waiting outside. We were at the venue for eight hours - but we met the boys and got some pics.

While we were waiting outside for will call to open, Vanessa called. She wanted to come too, but didn't have a ticket. The girl in front of us, Melody, was a sweetheart and donated her extra ticket to Vanessa. We all had a great time and got some brilliant pics and footage!

Obviously, Favorite Person of the Day goes to Alissa. She always helps people out. I mean the woman is a goddess in the eyes of City of Hope. She's just amazing, and I'll never forget the day she cheered my broken-hearted, drunk ass up in the hotel lobby with a story about the clown costume she wore to a Halloween party when she was in middle school.

She deserves all the good karma in the world, and I hope to one day repay her for everything she has done for me and my family. She is certainly a Heidemann favorite.

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