Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who's that in the front row?

This is from the Vegas show. Yeah, the one that I took a Greyhound bus to. I had about $40 for the day long trip, so I couldn't afford a ticket. Some sweet driver that worked on the tour actually bought me a ticket from a girl selling an extra. I somehow managed to make my way down to the front row where my girls were standing. Git 'er done!

That night/early morning, I went to my low-end casino hotel (Imperial Palace) to crash. Hey, it was only $120 on Priceline. Well, turns out that the type of room that I booked were all taken, so they had to put me a Penthouse room for the same price. Too bad I only had 8 hours to enjoy it.

Well, to balance out the good luck, my Greyhound broke down in Barstow, so we had to wait three hours for a new bus. While waiting, I saw a guy get left by his bus. He ran back into the station because he forgot his drink at McDonalds. I thought he was on a different bus, or I would have stopped it. Suddenly, I see him running after a departing bus. Then, as he's freaking out about what happened, he knocks over the drink that caused the whole mess. That must of sucked! Poor guy.

But Vegas was cool. I love those NKOTB girls. They are adorable.

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