Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Damn Bus!

I started taking the bus yesterday - what a clusterf**k this is going to be! I got off of work, and found exactly $1.25 in change in my purse. As I exited the building, I saw the red bus at the stop and the crosswalk was a go, so I ran over to catch it. Made it, YAY!

Then, the F-ing bus got on the freeway. I was on the wrong damn bus. WTF!!! So, I get off at, yes...the Getty Center (that's how far out of the way I went). I work in Sherman Oaks. I called Guy, so he could transfer some money from saving into my checking so I could take out the $20 required to pull out cash from an ATM. all I need is an ATM. I asked a man outside, and he said I would have to take the tram up to the Getty Center lobby, and there is one in there.

So, I took the tram, which was a pretty ride, but then when I got to the wasn't working. At that point, I was defeated. I figured I would just hope that the bus driver would have a heart, and let me on for free.

When I got down to the stop, the man that told me where the ATM was, asked if I found it okay. I told him that it was broken, and he offered me the money I needed to get back on the bus. He was so kind. Everything had gone wrong, and he saved the day. I just started to cry. He said, "Don't cry. It's the Good Lord. God Bless You." It was true. I believe God sent that man to help me out.

So my ATM angel is my favorite person today.

I'm at the office right now, so I'm going to take off and get a little rest before tonight. As my shirt reads, "I'm going somewhere better later." That would be LADY GAGA at Apple Lounge!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

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JQ said...

This post made me so sad...and even sadder because I couldn't go to Lady Gaga with you last night after you had such a crappy day. I'm so sorry :(