Friday, October 2, 2009

What Has This Blog Become...

Just a bunch of pics of you with celebrities? Perhaps.

Snagged a pic with Miranda Lambert after her Ryman show. Hope I didn't annoy her. She'd kick my ass.

Here's Guy being a good husband and representing me with a "C." Jason probably thought it was for "Castro" - HAHAHAHA!

I'm currently in Florida, visiting my family. My father, who has been going through chemo treatments, looks fantastic and has kept busy on the motorcycle, doing lawn work, and golfing - while mom and I slave away in the home office. It's been a great trip, and we have some fun things planned for the weekend - including a 50s/60s revue that is right up my alley.

Then, I'm headed back to Nashville. Guy and I will be attending the Next Big Nashville conference. We are covering it for YTC, and it should be an amazing experience - lots of great bands, networking mixers, and panels.

Later this month, we'll be going to Nebraska for a weekend to hang out with the Heidemanns and celebrate Guy's birthday. We're hoping to catch a Huskers game! Go Big Red!

And then, of course, Halloween is around the corner. Can't wait to see what Nashville's got in the Haunted House category.

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