Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People are Mean on the Internet

Here are some comments on my last YTC video:

Unusually bad video, and that's saying something on youtube. The host is just annoying with the affected expressions and hand gestures. I get it, somebody in a broadcast journalism class probably told her to be upbeat. Upbeat's good. Over the top and unnatural is annoying. Love DMB and Mraz, though.
this woman is an idiot. 


the weed smoke.

wow, that guy was hammered.

At least these are somewhat "constructive."  The last heartbreaking comments that stick out were from the Backstreet Boys concert, which attacked my "ugly nose" and "skanky dress."  This too will pass like those comments, but I realize that this is why I never fully pursued acting or singing.  I lose sleep over some dream crushers comment.  

I  am going to take the advice about my hand movements.  I've got a lot of musical theatre in me.  JAZZ HANDS!!! As for the facial expressions, I'm a pretty animated person and I might look even more "unnatural" if I try to stop those.  :) But really, YTC is about concerts  and the energy and excitement of the audience.  I was excited to be going to this can I hide that?  And should I?

I just don't know why people have to be so mean about their comments.  People diss on the people we interview, most of the time not even on what they have to say...just their looks and personality.  

The person that said the first comment about me hadn't logged in for over a month on YouTube.  He/She was so annoyed by me that he felt the need to sign in and bash my a really mean way.  Why?

On top of everything, that person is a Dave Matthews fan.  Why did this person waste all his/her time on insulting my 1 minute intro instead of commenting with their DMB concert experiences or his/her love for the music?

Obviously, the commenter wins.  I have spent too much time obsessing over it.  Vent complete.

Actually, when I think about it, this whole post is pretty contradictory, due to my post of that hipster site the other day.   That's something to ponder.

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