Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fast Food is Fun!

Back in the day, McDonald's created a Menu Song. It was really fast and fun, and there was a contest to go along with it. We received a record (yes, an album - a 45) with the Sunday paper. If you played the album, the actor on "Just the 10 of us" walks a class through singing the McDonalds menu song. If the class made it all the way through on your record - you would win money. Awesome!

This is the actual song:

And I memorized it:

You can dress a sauce packet on the Taco Bell site now. This is my sauce packet depiction of my friend Jennifer Quiroz.

Seriously, It would be so rad to be able to tell people that you are responsible for writing the witty phrases on Taco Bell Sauce Packets.

Help! I can't tell where I am. It's dark and I can hear laughing.
I'm taking the day off. See next packet.
At night the sporks pick on me.
I'm in good hands now.
This space for rent. Inquire within.
Will you scratch my back?
Can I drive?
How many of these do you already have in your glove compartment?
Polly want a taco?
The road to mediocrity is littered with empty ketchup packets.
Mild sauce...the new ketchup.
The official sauce of Taco Bell.
Live life one sauce packet at a time.
Warning! You're about to make a taco very happy.
Nice palm. I read a great deal of pleasure in your future.
My sauce is a honor student at Taco State.
I'm just doing this between films.
Open quickly...I'm burning up in here.
If you throw this, would it be a flying saucer?
Willing to relocate.
Will you marry me?
Why order a taco when you can ask it politely?
When I grow up, I want to be a waterbed.
Be gentle.
My other taco is a Chalupa.
Save a bun. Eat a taco.
Single hot sauce seeking friendship, maybe more.
Not to be used as a floatation device
You had me at taco.
Do you add sauce left to right, or right to left?
Use your stomach, not your mind.


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