Friday, February 13, 2009


Every morning when we leave, Rambo jumps up to the window to see us off. He waits for us to tap the glass, and then tries to grab our fingers with his paws. It's like he needs us to do this everyday, or his whole routine is ruined.

What does Rambo do when we are gone? Run around? Try to jump on top of the fridge to get his treats? Steal my hair ties and hide them? I wish he'd lint roll his hair off the furniture and my clothes, or do the damn dishes.

When we get home, he is so tired. He either pops out from under the couch - eyes all red and sleepy, or we can't find him. Where is he? This only happens when the bed is made; He finds his way under the covers so he's just a lump on the bed under the blankets. FOUND YOU - LITTLE RASCAL FLATTS!

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