Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Orange Tic Tacs Are My Nemesis?

So here's a series of strange coincidence: As the Jane's Addiction song goes: "Been Caught Stealing, Once When I Was Five." I was five when I first got caught, weird! The next and last time I was caught stealing, I lifted a bunch of Jane's Addiction CDs (hmm...odd correlation).

Obviously, this was before I had the option to download from Napster or burn a copy of a friend's CD. I didn't get caught with the Jane's CDs though. No alarm went off, so I went back in and snagged a couple copies of a Mariah Carey release. The alarm went off, and I motioned at my friend to "GO, GO!" She peeled off in the yellow Volvo. (AKA...THE LEMON) We were some wack-ass fugees. Ooo La, La, La!

Moral of the story...you shouldn't steal -especially music, or orange Tic Tacs. That shiz will haunt you for life.

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