Friday, January 16, 2009


I've abandoned the blog....I know, I suck. But I have an excuse...I always do. :)
I have an hour worth of ridiculous road trip footage that I need to edit. I've been trying to use the editing software on Guy's computer, but it's very new and different to me. I promise, I'll get a segment up this weekend.

Things to look forward to in the road trip episodes:
  • In and Out of Vegas in an hour or less
  • Goofing around in the Grand Canyon
  • Road Trip Games: such as, The Dirty Alphabet Game and Vocal Warmups
  • Pappy and his crystal ball on Route 66
  • And my personal favorite...having dinner at a Mexican restaurant next to the Days Inn, observing a middle school birthday party doing the Cha Cha Slide on the dance floor. Random and weird. (Totally reminded me of the time on the Magic Carpet Time Tour when John Foss and I crashed a high school prom in the middle of nowhere. God, we were ballsy.)

So far I'm liking Nashville, except for the fact that our pipes froze in our log cabin yesterday, which meant no shower for me.

I went to see Celine Dion on Tuesday. It was great. I worked my "concert gypsy" magic and scored a $10 ticket and walked my way to the floor. You know how I roll...and then brag about it. :)

Tonight, Guy and I are going to see Reel Big Fish.

Okay, I need your opinion:

Should Guy and I move into a High Rise Apartment Downtown (this is probably the only city we'll be able to afford one in) or should we go for a cottage type apartment?

Comment, and let me know...


JQ said...

Go for the high-rise. It'll feel more like a city and be less of a transition from LA. There's plenty of time for the suburbs! :)

TheLoreline said...

That's a tough call...... I'm thinking a cottage sounds really cool. go with your gut instinct!