Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nap Nightmare

Earlier this afternoon, I decided to take a peaceful weekend nap. Two hours later, I woke up breathing heavy and fearing for my life. Here's what happened in this "dream":

A friend was in town, and she was helping me at work. It seemed that I worked at a grocery store, and was an investigative journalist on the side. However, my friend was really doing all the work - note taking, sleuthing, etc.

Anyways, she was having a beer in the chip aisle, talking about being unemployed in a loud, rude, yet hilarious manner. (Also, weird - this particular friend has a great job.)

The customers start complaining to me about it, so I tell her to take it easy as "corporate settings" are little more sensitive than what she's used to. (WHAT?! Better keep an eye out for Human Resources in the chip aisle.)

This is when I notice Special Agent Dale Cooper from the show Twin Peaks in the Coffee Bean area. He tells us that there's not much time and we need to leave now. He instructs us to meet him somewhere that I didn't write down, so I have my friend text him in the cab.

Once in the cab, I realize we are in some European city - probably Paris. There's a lot of activity going on, like a huge parade. The cab is making it's way through a crowd and I see my old boyfriend dressed in a Spiderman costume with his friend. My friend and I look out and yell at them something like, "I will always love you! Just kidding, totally just kidding." We must be back in America at this point.

I see one of my bosses from work with a megaphone telling everyone to take shelter. Sirens start to ring out.

We get to Agent Cooper's destination, which turns out to be the Third Man Records truck, except it's the size of the store.

People are shopping and Country backup singers are sound checking for an upcoming performance. Somehow we are allowed into the sound check where some of my coworker friends are hanging... Cooper is nowhere to be found. Major bummer, what a babe.

That's when the lights go out, and there's a weird noise. Somebody says, "Something's coming. I don't know what." Everyone looks to the horizon, and there's a flash. A storm of missiles come flying at us.

My friend and I are huddled in a corner, and I call my dad to say I love him. He's talking about all the horror where he is. I hear the Third Man truck start up like we are going to try to drive someplace...

...and then I woke up. What the hell is going on in this head of mine?

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