Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turning 30

Today, I am 30 years old! I was talking to a co-worker about how I've been stressing about this milestone, and he wrote me this beat poem. :) Tom Peace is the best! Made my day!

"insert your favorite track for beat poetry here.

what is age,
but life's next stage...
your friends are younger,
for that you hunger?
you may be older,
your life gets bolder...
the party's not over,
life's just begun
don't let anyone,
tell you it's done.
30 doesn't mean you transform,
don't conform to society's norm..."

- Tom Peace Program Director WLAC-AM

I've received so many birthday wishes, and calls. My dad's was the sweetest ever. I feel so loved, and am so thankful for all the friends I've made, and the experiences I've had in my 3 decades on this Earth. Cheers and hopes for another eventful 30 years :)

Here's a couple of pics from the City of Hope softball game last night:

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