Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Riding the Coattails

Tonight is CMA night, and yes, I'm going to the awards and some sweet afterparties thanks to my hard working, connected friends. Lucky me!

The past few days have been incredible. Some of my lovely Premiere friends are in town for the CMA Remote. JQ and Michael came out to Mercy Lounge with me Saturday night to see "My So-Called Band" - 90s covers. We picked up right where we left off and danced all night. We would've stayed for "a million more songs," but once the band ended we headed to Tootsie's so they could get a taste of Nashville's Broadway.

I can tell JQ loves it here, and I can't wait until she comes back to play some shows. Michael seemed to have had fun, which means a lot to us, because he's a super hard worker and deserves a little party time.

Guy has been having fun too, whether or not he chooses to admit it. He like pretending like he's a Country star. Quote: "Get me some sunglasses and a cowboy hat. I'm gonna do some interviews."
Good times, indeed. I'll be sad to have it end, but no tears yet. Big night ahead :)

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