Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm sitting here watching Larry King's coverage of Michael Jackson's death, and I can't believe this day is actually here. This is one of those days that I've thought about. How huge the response would be, how weird it would feel.

I love Michael. One of my earliest MJ memories was when I slept over my cousin's house, and my Uncle Bobby rented "Thriller." I didn't want to seem like a baby, so I lied on the floor facing the TV hoping nobody would see that my eyes were actually closed. I was petrified!

I remember being super excited about the "Black or White" video coming out. There was so much hype, and it seemed like the whole world was tuned in waiting. You could almost feel the electricity. It was awesome how the video itself actually portrayed that unity MJ brought that night throughout the US (and the world!).

In college, my friend Scott and I would blast "Scream" in his dorm room and act out our own music video. I was Janet :) It was the standard way to start a party night.

MJ was a lover of unity and peace. There was some unusual behavior, but he didn't have a normal life. Our 'normalacy' is based on the experiences we have through interaction while growing up. MJ's interaction was with coworkers, fans, and a family of fellow musicians who were jealous or expecting Michael to reach the next goal.

I think he wanted to make everyone else happy, and didn't have time to focus on getting to know and love himself. He tried everything, searching for what made him happy besides being on stage. He didn't feel that he had friends or anyone that he could trust. I don't think he could even trust himself.

What have I learned from Michael's journey? Love yourself, set goals, trust people, and make music a part of your life.

We'll miss you, Michael. Even the haters tap their toes when Billie Jean comes on :) Wish I could have seen you live. Maybe when I get to heaven? (Even in the afterlife, you can't get a break ) I hope we gave you some happy memories, because you've been the source of a ton for us!

PS. Where's the Nashville vigil? Let's get on it people!
Oh and favorite Twitter of the day: By DeadHardy -
"MJ...teach Elvis how to moonwalk would ya? That would be sick!"
It would be dope. :)

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