Friday, March 13, 2009

It Just Feels Good

It just feels good to know that the little things you do help people. Check out this email chain below. Background: Sometimes people send show pitches to my department's generic email address, or call the front desk. Rather than ignore the requests, I have them send a demo to the programming department or pass on the request.

Hey Chrystal,

I thought that I should reach out and formally thank you for your help in getting my program to Trevor. After a few months of staying in touch with him, he found a spot for my show on one of the Premiere/XM channels. However, I credit you for pointing me in the right direction from the beginning. Getting my package to him etc. It's probably small to you. But it's big to me.
And Mama raised me to say Please, and Thank you. You rock! And if I can ever do anything to return your efforts, write a letter of recommendation, or anything else let me know. You have 5 new allies on Capitol Hill. So consider it your key to the city. And let us know when you are on the east coast.
much thanks to you

Jason"tino" Anthony
The Capitol Hill Blues
Rock the Vote Radio

My reply:

Hi Tino,

Thank you so much for this email. It truly brought tears to my eyes, and is one of the most rewarding emails I have ever received. I'm "just an assistant," but it's nice to know that what I do does help in some way.

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on the show, and your success!

And his reply:

again you rock,and I will echo that in my future conversations with Premiere.
In school, I had a rival who was "just someone's assistant" Sean P-diddy Combs". But he turned being an assistant into a springboard, by speaking up for himself! just a little FYI

Just feels good :)

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